Welcome to Bright Beginners where lifelong learning begins… Learning Center! Enroll Now! Contact us at info@brightbeginners.fi for more information.
We aim to encourage children’s desire for lifelong learning.
To promote high quality childcare and education in a safe and fun-loving environment
A Creative-based preschool programme.

Welcome to Bright Beginners Learning Centre!

Bright Beginners is an English playschool that provides high quality childcare and education to children ages under 3s to 6 years old.

Our early childhood education programme encourages exploration, discovery and creativity where each child’s areas of development are promoted. We offer a fun-loving environment with enriched activities combined with qualified nurturing professionals dedicated in providing a joyful lifelong learning playschool experiences

We are now accepting enrolments for children. Please call at +358 40 764 5969 for more information or CLICK HERE for inquiry.


Creative Arts

encourages children’s natural creativity and imagination through the arts.

Language and Literacy

linguistic development, comprehension skills and language are developed.


develops critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.


promotes exploration and natural awareness of the world around them.

Motor Skills

develops fine and gross motor skills, it open doors to exploration, learning and creative expression.

Personal Development

develops socio-emotional skills, reinforce positive attitude and moral values.