Bright Beginners has a rich and creative environment where children have the time and space to play and learn. We aim to provide a curriculum that develops each child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth. It is also designed to promote creativity, self-expression, uniqueness and belonging. The activities are taught through direct and group learning to meet the goals of promoting your child’s development.

“Learning by Doing” is the philosophy behind our curriculum. The children are naturally curious about the world around them, hence we make it possible for them to work and learn at their own pace. We encourage them to explore, experiment, and become enthusiastic learners to sustain our goal of lifelong learning. Their love for learning builds good habits and positive attitude in which we believe will make a difference throughout their lives.

Fun in Learning

“Play builds the kind of free-and-easy, try-it-out, do-it-yourself character that our future needs…” — James Hymes Jr.

PLAY is a vital and FUNdamental part of children’s learning experience. Children learn best through play, when they are having fun they become very absorbed with what they are doing. In turn, it provides learning opportunities that are essential to their growth and development. 

BB offers early childhood education where a child’s main focus is towards play, exploration, discovery and imagination. BB creates a playful environment in a way that provides a choice of play and learning activities that meet each child’s developmental needs. The children are encouraged to be active and creative learners where they can speak their minds and think their own thoughts as they explore the world around them.


Our playful environment, rich materials combined with our qualified and experienced professionals, are all designed to accomplish the goals of our curriculum in providing a fun and educational playschool experience for our lifelong learners.

Creative Arts

The children use fine motor skills to encourage creative abilities. They imitate, use their imagination and experiment with colour, sound, motion, and words through a variety of materials to develop artistic expression and individuality.

Language and Literacy

The focus is for the children to learn and improve their language skills in English. The centre activity will develop and expand both oral and writing skills.


The children will explore ideas related to patterns, shapes, numbers, measurements, sorting and classifying objects. The activities are focused on understanding and hands-on experience

Motor Skills

Develops fine and gross motor skills, it open doors to exploration, learning and creative expression.

Personal Development

The focus is on developing social and emotional skills by allowing the children to communicate and express their emotions. This includes developing confidence and positive self-awareness as well as self-discipline of oneself.


Young children are naturally curious and inquisitive, always delighted to explore, investigate, observe and record changes. The children will use simple tools and their senses to learn about their environment.


Reading Corner

With a wide range of books (picture books, story, textured, etc.) available for children to support their interest in reading, even by simply looking at pictures, symbols and objects.

Construction and Building area

With toys such as wooden blocks, big and small legos, stickle bricks, and geomagnets that allow children the opportunity to build their interest in designing and building construction.

Dramatic Play area

The most versatile station with endless materials provided depending on the theme. This can be costume, kitchen area, playhouse, doll houses, grocery etc. This is a centre for social interaction where children interpret roles from everyday life. The centre changes into different settings depending on monthly themes.

Art area

Where children have the opportunity to be creative and imaginative. A variety of materials such as paints, pencils, markers, and a whole lot more, enables them to have sensory expression. Their art works are displayed on our walls where they can be proud of what they have made.